Regardless of who wins this election: It’s time to start viewing politics in the same way many of us view religion. Political structures are outdated, hopelessly out of touch, murderous, deceitful, and broken beyond repair. We may have our own political feelings and thoughts, but just as our spirituality is no longer represented by religious institutions, neither are any of our political feelings represented by politicians or our existing political structures.

A vote for Obama is ultimately inconsequential, even if he wins. He’s still engaged in murder, terror, torture, war, coercion, and lies. If you vote for him, you’re MORE responsible for his actions, not less, since you supported him (the same, of course, goes for Romney). Our responsibility now is not merely to vote, it’s to see through the shallow controlling structures that envelope our lives, and to ACT, to work to make a better world.

Right now, voting is necessary, but it’s a small act. People sometimes hide behind voting, but it’s not large enough to conceal their lack of effort after the voting is done. Freedom depends on effort every day, not merely the short moments behind the curtain.

If you really care about freedom, vote for it every day with all your actions, words, and thoughts. Otherwise your official, government-sanctioned vote is shallow and all but worthless.

— Conner Habib/me on election day, 2012.
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